Welcome, Samaya Nissanke!

We are delighted to welcome Samaya Nissanke as a faculty member at GRAPPA, shared between IHEF and API. Samaya’s current research focuses on the detection, measurement and interpretation of gravitational waves, the astrophysics of compact object (black holes, neutron stars and white dwarfs) binaries, and general relativity. Samaya expressed her excitement by stating, “I am very excited to be joining the GRAPPA department and building a new dynamic gravitational wave and multi-messenger astrophysics group here. It is an incredible time to be working in strong-field gravity astrophysics thanks to the recent gravitational wave detections, time-domain electromagnetic surveys and astroparticle experiments, and recent advances in cosmology and computational astrophysics. I am greatly looking forward to the many scientific adventures here, and working with the excellent students, postdocs and staff members in both the physics and astronomy departments at UvA, as well as the nearby Nikhef institute.” Samaya will start her first day at GRAPPA on June 15. We look forward to her contributions to our intellectual community for many years to come.